Brand Registry

Have you ever wondered how to register your brand with Amazon? At Evolved Commerce, our brand registry services make this simple and easy for you. Launching a new brand on Amazon can seem overwhelming to many small businesses, and our priority is to make the process less daunting. We work with you to develop a game plan that works on multiple levels, ensuring your brand thrives over the long term. When you choose Evolved Commerce, we walk you through every step of the brand registry services process.

Comprehensive Amazon Brand Registry Services

Evolved Commerce knows every aspect of the Amazon brand registry, making things easier on businesses, both big and small. We offer brand protection services, which are designed to protect your registered trademarks. It allows a brand owner, manufacturer, or an authorized reseller an added layer of protection and increased authority over their product listings. Developing your product game plan is one of the most important factors in the success of your brand, and when you work with Evolved Commerce, you will skip the painstaking trial and error process completely.

Do I Need Brand Registry Services on Amazon?

A common question: do I need brand registry services when I sell through Amazon? If you plan on building a strategy that allows you to leverage brand awareness from the onset, then you should have professional brand registry services. Evolved Commerce helps you optimize listings, get category approval, and increase brand awareness from the moment you get on the Amazon platform. Even better, we come up with the game plan together, allowing for crucial input and branding strategies.

Brand Protection Services for Amazon Sellers

Making sure your brand is protected is the key to success, especially as it begins to grow and gain traction. Evolved Commerce provides complete brand protection services for our clients, allowing them to sell on Amazon without the fear of being ripped off or cheaply imitated. When you have the proper protection services, you can put your focus and energy into more important things — like continuing to develop your brand.
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