Category Approval

Amazon brand category approval is confusing to many sellers new to the Amazon marketplace. To sell products with Amazon, you must submit a request to sell. Amazon’s policies require that certain products sold via the Amazon marketplace meet specified certification standards, as customers expect a certain level of results. Amazon requires different levels of approval depending on what type of product you are trying to sell on its platform. Luckily, Evolved Commerce has the experience and expertise to guide you through every step of the process with our Amazon category approval services.

Amazon Brand Category Approval Specialists

There’s a lot to know when it comes to Amazon brand category approval, which makes hiring a specialist in this area a good idea. At Evolved Commerce, our Amazon category consultants are among the best in the industry and can help you get set up to sell on Amazon, the safe and secure way. Since 2012, we have been sourcing and selling products on Amazon. After gaining experience selling in a variety of categories and finding out what works, we started helping out other brands get category approval.

Fast Amazon Category Approval Services for Retailers

When you call Evolved Commerce, you are getting an industry leader in Amazon category approval services, leading to brand acceleration. Amazon has certain restricted categories, which means you will need to meet specific standards, and our Amazon category consultants are industry leaders at providing fast results. Amazon has certain gated categories, which means you have to go through a more selective approval process.

Why You Need Amazon Category Consultants

The number of third party sellers on Amazon has grown massively over the years, so they need to keep certain standards across the board. To protect customers and themselves, Amazon restricts categories that are susceptible to counterfeiting and quality issues. Evolved Commerce helps you, as sellers have to submit information about your business and products to get approved, ensuring only genuine sellers with authentic products are selling in these gated categories.
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