Bidding Strategy

Without our Amazon PPC bid strategy management, you can be risking little exposure while paying high prices. It’s hard to compete against a well-known brand that has already built its reputation on the Amazon platform. That’s where we come in. At Evolved Commerce, we have the Amazon bidding strategies that you need to become successful with your brand. Our Amazon PPC Management allows you to adjust your bids by your ad placement.

Partner With Us To Better Your Brand’s Finances

With our Amazon PPC bid strategy management, by using a method where the advertiser only pays for the ads that are clicked and viewed, it’s an optimal way to get to the top of the Amazon search engine page results (SEPR). Our Amazon PPC Management here at Evolved Commerce analyzes your products and determines what strategy would work best for your brand. Our Amazon bidding strategy not only helps build your brand’s reputation but saves you money with strategic practices.

Placement Is Everything When It Comes to Advertising

Within the Amazon marketplace, your ads can appear in one of three places: the top of the search results, within the results after the first page, or on the product detail page. For your specific Amazon campaign, you can examine and analyze our extremely beneficial placement report. This is where you would see which ad position brought you the highest exposure as well as conversions. With our Amazon PPC bid strategy management team, depending on your results, we can change the placement bidding multiplier for each placement to better benefit your sales.

Stay in the Competition With Evolved Commerce

When teaming up with our Amazon PPC Management experts, we have a variety of bidding strategies that you can follow to succeed. We understand it’s challenging for you as a newcomer to compete with well-established brands. That’s why with our Amazon bidding strategies, such as our dynamic bids, we allow you more control over how and where you place your advertisements. However, depending on your business and your brand, it may be best to use a fixed bid: where you pay for what you mention.
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