Amazon DSP

Amazon demand-side platform (DSP) campaign consists of a type of software, allowing advertisers to buy a variety of advertisements both on and off Amazon. Our program will enable you to reach potential customers through Amazon sites and apps such as IMDb with our Amazon display ads campaign. Whether you’re looking to use the metrics-based system or are impressed with our real-time bid evaluation, our Amazon DSP management at Evolved Commerce can be a beneficial option to protect your brand.

Promote Your Product to the Right Audience

Like most things, bulk sales are beneficial. With our Amazon DSP management, we assist you in accomplishing your marketing goals. Depending on your products, we know the right target audience that’ll give your brand the exposure it needs to keep up with the competition. We strategically market your product to a customer who either has looked at your product page in the past or has visited similar items to yours. By remarketing your brand and knowing the right time to present your product, it can result in sales and, better yet, a returning customer clientele.

You’re in Control of the Way You Present Your Brand

With our Amazon display ads campaign, you have the freedom to use and customize your advertisements or choose from our unique Amazon options. Our flexibility gives you the power to portray exactly what you want to say effectively. Whether you want an audio ad, video ad, or display ad, our Amazon DSP management can make sure you stay on top of the market. The great thing about our Amazon DSP ads campaign is that you don’t need to currently be selling your products on Amazon.

Trust Us to Make Your Brand Successful

At Evolved Commerce, we have a metrics-based system that betters your understanding of how well your Amazon DSP ads campaign is doing. Our real-time insight allows our advertisers to see the sale activity in three stages of your campaign: prior, during, and after. By getting in the minds of the consumers with our Amazon display ads campaign, you’ll know how they find new products and how they research your brand, all the way to the purchase itself. With a comprehensive understanding of what is and isn’t successful, it allows you to alter the changes you need to boost revenue.
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