Video Ads

At Evolved Commerce, our Amazon video advertising creation can help take your product to the next level. We have the experts in managing your Amazon video ads in a way that’ll reach new and potential consumers. Targeted video ads of your product on the Amazon’s website, mobile apps, and the Fire tablet wake screen can bring your company an increase in sales and boost exposure. However, improper managing can cause wasted finances and wasted time, both a valuable asset in this business. With our Amazon video ads consulting, we analyze your product and your goals and tailor our plan to fit your needs.

Promote Your Brand At All Times

Our Amazon video advertising creation involves where to place your ad and how to best portray everything you want in a shortened time. Our Amazon video ads will start to play when the video is 50% on the screen of your device. However, we understand that user interaction may be minimal at the beginning of seeing your ad. Therefore, we make our ads as simple as possible for the understandable announcement of your product. Our Amazon video ads consulting includes tips such as how to make your video understandable without audio since our auto-play is always muted until user interaction is activated.

Take Your Advertising to the Next Level

Our Amazon video advertising creation offers a variety of placements for your video ad; whether it be the home page on a desktop or a detail page on a smartphone among a variety of other options, we can get your products the exposure it deserves. We understand in this day and age, we don’t get our advertisements from watching television, and with our range of options, we include your brand logo, a text headline, as well as a CTA (call to action) link for easy access to your products purchase page. Alongside this beneficial option, we offer a custom background behind the video player, a poster image, and much more.

Our Advertising Strategies Ensure Increased Interaction

Amazon video ads consulting with Evolved Commerce can be the pushing point you need to give your product the publicity it needs while building your brand. By using our PPC approach, we place your video in strategic locations that’ll get you more clicks and interactions from potential buyers. With our team managing your Amazon video ads, we provide your product with more visibility, which creates a more significant purchase opportunity. It’s important to note that with our Amazon video ads management, you choose what products you want to promote; you set your bid and your daily budget, giving you total control of the critical decisions of your brand.
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