Amazon Numbers Each Seller Should Know!

Amazon Numbers Each Seller Should Know!

As we approach 2020, Amazon shows no signs of slowing down in its quest to continue its e-commerce dominance. With estimates of its online US market share approaching 37% in 2019, Sellers are looking for new ways to increase their brand exposure and sales while evolving to stay up to date with the ever changing Amazon landscape. At Evolved Commerce we wanted to make sure you had the right information to help you with your Amazon strategy so we put this list together.

Here are a few numbers each seller should be watching over the next few years:

72% of US brands will be on Amazon in the next 5 years

With net sales to exceed $250 Billion Dollars this year and its growing international footprint, Amazon is the go to place for brands in search of new customer acquisition. For sellers that increase in sales also means an increase in competition!

What’s your 5 year plan for Amazon?

94% of millennials make a purchase on Amazon at least once a month

42% of those millennials purchase most of their items on a smartphone. Paying attention to this ever-increasing demographic and their purchasing behavior should be a key part of any sellers strategy.

Are your Amazon listing mobile friendly?

Amazon Private label consists of 400 Brands and 23,000 products

Amazon shows no signs of slowing down its move into private label products. However, with the FTC starting an antitrust probe into the company around its competitiveness, we can hope for more transparency into its private label strategy.

74% of brands leverage Amazon Advertising

Amazon’s search advertising will grow over 30% this year representing a 14% share of the US market. Still lagging behind Google (73% share) Amazon has solidified itself as the No. 2 search player.

How do your ads stack up?

40% of US consumers are likely to visit and Amazon Go store

Brick and Mortar is not dead! With Amazons ability to leverage consumer buying data, Amazon Go and its impending grocery stores, allow Amazons top selling products to be sold in a tried and true local retail location. In addition, Amazon launched Counter, which allows customers to pick up and return packages at in store partners like Rite Aid, Kohls and GNC.

83% of consumers say that free 2-day shipping is their favorite part of Amazon

Amazons fast and free shipping has changed the landscape of e-commerce. Amazon increased its convenience leader status this year by offering same day or 1 day delivery nationwide for over 10 million products. With plans in the near future for drone and a robot delivery system called Scout, sellers that aren’t up to speed with Amazon’s quick delivery options, will soon be left out!

If you have any doubts or questions about how your current Amazon strategy stacks up against the competition or just want to know how you can better prepare for all the upcoming changes, feel free to reach out to us for an analysis of your brand. We are happy to chat with you about how you can best optimize your seller account.

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