Product Development

When trying to bring your concept to market, you can ensure your success with our expert consultation in the product development phase. Evolved Commerce has years in the field and can assist with development from patent research and factory sourcing, through the final steps like packaging design and online advertising. No matter what questions you have, Evolved Commerce has solutions that will give you the best possible outcome.

Where to Start with Your Product Development

Every good idea needs the support of a team to bring it into the world. Evolved Commerce has years of product development experience and can help you construct a plan to make your product a success. From market research to technology and material selection in product development, you’ll receive first class consultation on what your best options forward are. We can also help ensure that your idea is protected by consulting in the patent application process, leaving no loopholes for competitors to take your ideas.

Refining Your Product

An essential part of the development process is refining your product based on prototype feedback. Evolved Commerce can help you put together market research tests and extract the most valuable feedback from the resulting data. Implementing changes early on, you can avoid more costly modifications further in the manufacturing process, ultimately lowering your development costs. With our consultation, your product development will efficiently hone the final form of your product.

Finding Materials & Manufacturing

With material advancements and the growing number of options for manufacturing, finding the perfect fit for your product can be daunting. Our consultation throughout the product development process can help steer you to the options that best fit your required manufacturing quality while keeping your costs low. With our team helping you along the way, you can feel confident your product launch will be a success.
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