Amazon Product Launch

To get your product launched visibly on Amazon requires a few things; namely, high click through rates and sales conversions. This, at first, seems simple enough: sell more products, and you’ll become more visible. However, since you need to be visible to sell in the first place, climbing the rankings at product launch requires strategy and planning. At Evolved Commerce, we understand that managing an Amazon product launch comes bundled with this “catch-22”, and our strategists have data driven solutions to manage your product launch successfully.

Creating a Winning Product Listing

Entering a new product into a market puts you at an immediate disadvantage, but with the right strategists, you can use your competition’s strength to your advantage. Our team at Evolved Commerce collects data on competitor’s keyword listings and examines the market to help you develop an amazon product launch strategy that not only plays to your strengths but also takes on the competition intelligently. Our tactical product launch management boosts your Amazon rating efficiently to ensure you climb the rankings quickly.

Garner Reviews & Climb the Rankings Quickly

Amazon preferences higher reviewed listings on their organic search results as typically higher rated products also have a higher conversion rating. Gathering early reviews for a new product is invaluable, and our Amazon product launch services offer a variety of review campaign strategies to entice customers to share their positive thoughts so you can reap greater rewards.

Promote Your Products With

Sales Driven Advertising Campaigns

Promotion is essential to garnering exposure on Amazon’s platform. Our product launch services help you develop a winning advertising campaign supported by data and based on successful strategies from previous product launches. Since sales are what you ultimately need to earn higher listing placements, our team focuses on maximizing your sales conversions with targeted and professional advertisements that portray your product as desirable to every customer.

Develop a Winning Brand To Support Your Complete Inventory

Having a recognizable and trusted brand on Amazon can deliver exponential returns on new product launches in your line. While the new product might have a low ranking, our team will help you leverage your brand strategically, supporting your product launch through your other successful product listings. Reap the rewards of your brand name and put our strategies to advantageous use with Evolved Commerce’s product launch services.
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