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5 New Amazon Features to Grow Your Brand!

Amazon has become one of the largest search engines today. If you are an established brand or just starting a product-based business, Amazon is a platform that can be essential in the growth of your brand. In 2018 an estimated 20.6 million users visited Amazon per month, and that number is only growing.

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The question is, how can you grow your brand and drive traffic on Amazon and not just get lost on the competitive landscape. The 5 main points of discussion for this article have to do with fairly new Amazon features that are underutilized but can be an essential part in growing your brand! Keep in mind these features are for brands that have applied for and have Brand Registry on Amazon.

AMAZON LIVE: Amazon has found that customers who watch videos on Amazon convert more often than non-viewing customers. Sellers with Brand Registry can now livestream for free on Amazon detail pages, Amazon stores, and various other placements on Amazon. These features allows you to interact with customers, explain unique features about your product as well as tell your story and “why” behind your brand.

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AMAZON ATTRIBUTION: Many sellers have been waiting for the Amazon Attribution feature to come out. “For the first time, you can measure the impact of search, social, email, display, and video media channels based on how consumers discover, research, and buy your products on Amazon. Amazon Attribution’s unique conversion metrics — including Amazon detail page views, purchase rate, and sales — give you a comprehensive view into how each of your marketing tactics contribute to shopping activity on Amazon. You now have a deeper insight to your Amazon customer and where that Amazon traffic is coming from.

BRAND ANALYTICS REPORTING: Amazon is making more data and consumer behaviors available to sellers than ever before. We now have a deeper insight on the Amazon search terms, purchase behavior, and Demographics of a customer. This data will help with how to market your products on Amazon to maximize the conversion rates on Amazon.

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SPONSORED DISPLAY ADS: Amazon has added the Sponsored Display Ads to the PPC campaigns. How do these ad campaigns work? Sponsored Display enables you to reach audiences browsing off of Amazon. Sponsored Display campaigns use auto-generated display creatives that help inspire purchase and have the familiar Amazon look and feel. Your ads have the ability to reach audiences off Amazon across third-party publishers. We use brand safety tools to help deliver your ads to trustworthy placements next to appropriate and relevant content. When shoppers click your ads, they are directed to the product detail page.

AMAZON INFLUENCER PROGRAM: Social media can be a very effective way to grow your brand. Amazon has launched a program where you can use the power of Social media to increase your Amazon sales. Amazon will share a promo code on the Associates Central, where influencers and associates can browse by product category and share links to any relevant promo codes with their audience.

If you want to learn more about any of these programs and how they can help your brand specifically, don’t hesitate to reach out and let a member of our team create a custom strategy for you. Every brand is unique and requires a unique strategy to accomplish the desired results.

Let Evolved Commerce help you achieve those goals!

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