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Safeguard your brand identity and product listings by completing Amazon Brand Registry with help from the experts at Evolved Commerce.

Complete Amazon Brand Registry

Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility While Reducing Risk

Launching a new brand on Amazon can seem overwhelming to many business owners. That’s why Evolved Commerce aims to make the task of Amazon brand registry less daunting. We work with you to develop a game plan that works on multiple levels, ensuring your brand thrives over the long-term. When you choose Evolved Commerce, we walk you through every step of the brand registry services process to make it speedy and pain-free!

FAQs About Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry, and why should I enroll?

Amazon Brand Registry is designed to help you protect your brand’s intellectual property and identify on the Amazon marketplace. Brands that complete registry also gain access to tools that help enhance brand visibility and improve product listing quality.

Do I need brand registry services when I sell through Amazon?

If you plan on building a strategy that allows you to leverage brand awareness from the onset, then you should have professional brand registry services. Evolved Commerce helps you optimize listings, get category approval, and increase brand awareness from the moment you get on the Amazon platform. Even better, we come up with the game plan together, allowing for crucial input and branding strategies.

How long does Amazon Brand Registry take to complete?

Brand registry can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on a variety of factors. Documents, applications, trademark registrations, and more all must be reviewed by Amazon. If errors are present or documents are missing, the process can become quite lengthy. For this reason, it’s always best to partner with an experienced agency that regularly manages the registration process with Amazon.

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Whether you have a new product you want to launch or you’re an established brand with thousands of products, we can help. Evolved Commerce is a team of results-oriented Amazon growth experts committed to increasing sales for businesses, both big and small. Our growth strategies will help your company beat the competition and bring your products to a wider audience. Amazon is an ever changing marketplace, but we can help you build your brand and improve your conversion rates.

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