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Top Tips for Amazon Keyword Research

What is keyword research when it comes to Amazon? In short, it is finding the words and phrases that consumers are most likely to use when searching for a product like yours. The goal is to find those top producing phrases to generate traffic to your listing and convert clicks into revenue.

Why is it important? A listing without quality keywords will never be found! When it comes to doing keyword research for your Amazon listings, the key is to focus on relevancy! Amazon is a relevancy engine; they focus on showing products to consumers that are closely related to the search terms and most likely to convert into revenue for them and the seller. Below you will find 4 of the top resources and tips for doing quality keyword research that will convert into traffic and sales.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google has one of the largest libraries of keywords and phrases that internet users type in every day. This is a huge resource because Amazon does not share a lot of their keyword data with the average seller. Understanding that consumers on Amazon are going to show similar behavior and trends as those searching on Google can help you find some great keywords. Focus on relevant, high traffic keywords but don’t forget to look at the lower traffic keywords as well. These can be the golden nuggets that not everyone will use but usually convert much higher.

Amazon Auto-Complete Keywords

Like most search engines, Amazon collects data on what all their visitors are searching for. Unfortunately, they don’t readily share that data with us but there are ways to at least get a better understanding of what your potential customers are typing in when doing their product research.

Just open up Amazon in a new browser and use incognito mode or clear your cache. Start to type in a main keyword or something relevant to your product and watch as Amazon starts suggesting phrases for you. These are all phrases that have been used previously by other consumers and could be helpful in your Amazon keyword research.

amazon keyword search example

Competitor Listings

Analyzing and understanding your competitors’ listings and what keywords they are targeting can be a huge advantage in how you do your Amazon keyword research. Read through their listings and look for commonly used words or phrases you can steal. They may have something that is driving traffic for them that you never would have thought of.

There are also tools out there that will do this for you automatically. They are called reverse ASIN tools. They basically find the keywords that show up most frequently on a listing and return those back to you as an option for your listings.

Complementary Products

You don’t have to limit yourself to keywords that only apply to exactly what you sell! Look for products that are related to and complementary to what you sell. A great resource for this is the Amazon “Frequently bought together” section found on most listings.

In this scenario, I may be selling a basketball, but I could target keywords related to a pump and steal some traffic for people just looking for sporting goods. The idea is that we are getting in front of traffic that is in a buying mood. (This also works great for advertising, just make sure to keep your bids and budgets low)

What do I do with all these keywords?

Finding the right keywords is only half the battle! Now you have to make sure and use them according to Amazon SEO best practices. We recommend limiting the use of your keywords to 1-2 times each and spreading them out based on popularity. Put your most important keywords in the title, second tier in your bullet points and save the description for everything else. Also don’t forget to add keyword into your “Search Terms” section on the back end of each listing.

If you would like to consult with an Amazon keyword expert, feel free to contact us today. We can give you a free consult or audit of your existing listings.

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