Amazon Attribution

If you’re looking to evaluate how well your advertising is performing across numerous channels, our Amazon attribution and analytics management can benefit you. By measuring your Amazon advertisement success, you’re gaining insight into what works as a selling point and what channel is bringing you the most revenue. To create a marketing approach that’ll continuously sell, you have to first see what works best. Therefore, by allowing Evolved Commerce to optimize your ads in a place we know they’re getting exposure, you won’t waste money on unseen advertisements that don’t resonate with potential customers.

Let Us Show You What Works

Your marketing strategy must have a solid foundation first. However, that’s not always enough. Presenting your brand in a way they can trust is how you earn lifelong customers. We know that not always will a customer purchase after looking at your product. However, with our Amazon advertising measurement, we can pinpoint what methods work and analyze the return on investments (ROI). By managing your Amazon attribution, we can see as much as how many “add to carts” or product page views you have gotten and the correlation with your advertising method.

Our Strategies Boost Revenue

To drive your business is not simply having a quality product or a loyal brand; it’s about the way you advertise your product and when. Timing is a crucial element when you’re trying to bring in new customers. Not knowing whether a brand is credible will make it difficult for a buyer to trust it. With our Amazon attribution management, you can now see when your bringing in customers and on what channel. Pairing with Evolved Commerce allows you to see in real-time what’s proving to be successful, and that’s what gives you an edge over the competition.

Our Amazon Analytics Management Exceeds the Competition

By gaining deeper insight into the methods you use and the efficiency of them can set you on the fast track to a successful ad campaign. Other companies may offer the bare minimum, such as standard customer engagement and media metrics. However, with Amazon analytics management, our solutions can help you to optimize the ad space you’re using and get rid of what’s not. To generate higher revenue, our Amazon advertising measurement is the ideal way to keep an eye on the backend of your business.
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